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There are plenty of places to get all the news, so why not a place to get only the GOOD stuff?

As often as we can, we will post little bits of goodness that we find. It might be something we experienced personally, something we found online, or something you submit to us. It will have one common thread, and that is that it will be something good happening in the world.

How can you help? You can tell us about the good things you see in the world. You can tell others, too. (I mean, we don't intend to be the only place sharing happiness, after all!) Basically, what we're saying is...share goodness!

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Only the Good News

Latest Good News

three silver paint brushes on white textile

May 22 2020

10 Year Old Chelsea Phair Makes Art Kits for Foster Children

Chelsea has created more than 1500 art kits to send to children in foster care during the current pandemic. With a heart for helping others, Chelsea started a charity in 2019 by asking her birthday party guests to bring art supplies to be donated instead of birthday gifts for herself. She has donated the art supplies through homeless shelters, domestic violence charities, school violence charities and the foster system. This little girl's heart is bigger ...
sliced bread on brown wooden chopping board

May 18 2020

Quarantine Trend: Sourdough Bread?

Believe it or not, one of the biggest trends to come out of the COVID-19 quarantine (besides Zoom videos and TikTok dances) is sourdough bread. Apparently, when there is a shortage of bathroom tissue, we bake bread! (Not entirely sure of the correllation here, but we're going with it.) If you've never made sourdough bread before, we've got a link for you below. And...apparently people name these things. So, if you do start a sourdough ...
red and black GR post office letter container

Apr 27 2020

International parcel with no address finds rightful recipient

Well this is nice. A parcel which was just addressed to "somewhere in Sheffield" was correctly delivered to the correct recipient after the postman decided that he just could not allow it to go undelivered. Marten Wedebrand, from Sweden, sent the parcel to his friend David Easson and marked the parcel with the words "vital survival stuff". He did not know the address of his friend so instead he just wrote all that he knew ...
The Zoom Suit

Apr 21 2020

We all need a ‘Zoom suit’!

This is just such a great idea. If you're one of the 50% of the human population that is under some kind of regime of staying at home as much as possible, you might enjoy this! It's easy for routines that were once the bedrock of our lives to start to slip. You used to: get up at 7am have a nourishing breakfast have a shower clean your teeth great dressed in suitable attire for ...
selective focus photography of push pin in map

Apr 14 2020

Brandon’s Birthday was Better because of Twitter

12-year old Brandon Smith got a different birthday than he expected, with the help of Twitter. Because of quarantine, Brandon couldn't celebrate his birthday as most kids want to - surrounded by friends, cake, games, and fun. So his dad took to Twitter, asking people to wish him a happy birthday and saying where they were tweeting from. Brandon, a geography buff, hand drew a map of the world and then started plotting where each ...
snow covered mountains under cloudy sky

Apr 14 2020

People in the Indian city of Jalandhar can once again see the Himalayan ranges

Some unexpected consequences of the fact that the world is at a virtual stand-still. The people of the city of Jalandhar woke up a few days ago to a sight that most thought was apocryphal, they could see mountains that they had never seen before. It's thought that the lack of movement of people and the resultant reduction in pollution has made the air cleaner and clearer. Less cars, less planes and less factories has ...
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