Man invents open-source ventilator

Man invents open-source ventilator

So this is a nice story about a retired Canadian respiratory therapist, John Strupat, who has designed a cheap alternative to the respirators which are in such short supply at present.

Although he’s not manufacturing the equipment the fact that it’s open-source means that anyone can download the deisgn and built it themselves.

Most often such equipment is costly and as the manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the current rates of demand, hard to find.

Strupat makes the point that although his design is not as robust or as full featured as the commercially available models, and it will work for several hours even in the event of a backout as the design features a battery.

If I had my choice, I’d rather be on that than nothing if it came down to it.

John Strupat

Typically a ventilator would cost upwards of $25,000, but his design can be built from parts costing under $500.

Hopefully this will be picked up by the relevant authorities if it’s suitable and required.

You can find the ventilator website here.

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