We all need a ‘Zoom suit’!

We all need a ‘Zoom suit’!

This is just such a great idea. If you’re one of the 50% of the human population that is under some kind of regime of staying at home as much as possible, you might enjoy this!

It’s easy for routines that were once the bedrock of our lives to start to slip.

You used to:

  • get up at 7am
  • have a nourishing breakfast
  • have a shower
  • clean your teeth
  • great dressed in suitable attire for work
  • etc

These days you might be tempted to:

  • get up whenever you can be bothered
  • don’t eat anything at all because ‘there’s no rush’
  • fail to wash until the neighbours begin complaining
  • and getting dressed for work – ha no way, nobody can see me these days

The chap in this video addresses the issue of not getting dressed for work. He’s designed the ‘Zoom suit’. It’s enough of a suit just so that you think he’s wearing one. Turn the camera a few degrees south and you could be in your pyjamas. Dash around the back… there’s nothing there, except the velcro stopping it all falling off and revealing the truth.

I love this and it brightened my day.

So if you’re enjoying a new, more laissez faire approach to life, the Zoom suit might be just the thing for you!

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Nathan is a podcaster over at WP Builds and WP&UP. He likes playing around on the internet and trying to look on the bright side of life!

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