International parcel with no address finds rightful recipient

International parcel with no address finds rightful recipient

Well this is nice.

A parcel which was just addressed to “somewhere in Sheffield” was correctly delivered to the correct recipient after the postman decided that he just could not allow it to go undelivered.

Marten Wedebrand, from Sweden, sent the parcel to his friend David Easson and marked the parcel with the words “vital survival stuff”. He did not know the address of his friend so instead he just wrote all that he knew about him on the outside of the packge. This information included:

  • I think his wife is called Helen
  • they have a child, or a dog or both
  • he has been in many Olympics, not as an athelete, but as a reporter for the BBC, which is much more important

Postman Darrell Gilmour used this information to track down David and delivered the parcel which contained… wait for it… chocolate. Vital survival stuff indeed.

You can find out more about this story on the BBC website.

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