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three silver paint brushes on white textile

May 22 2020

10 Year Old Chelsea Phair Makes Art Kits for Foster Children

Chelsea has created more than 1500 art kits to send to children in foster care during the current pandemic. With a heart for helping others, Chelsea started a charity in 2019 by asking her birthday party guests to bring art supplies to be donated instead of birthday gifts for herself. She has donated the art supplies through homeless shelters, domestic violence charities, school violence charities and the foster system. This little girl's heart is bigger ...
sliced bread on brown wooden chopping board

May 18 2020

Quarantine Trend: Sourdough Bread?

Believe it or not, one of the biggest trends to come out of the COVID-19 quarantine (besides Zoom videos and TikTok dances) is sourdough bread. Apparently, when there is a shortage of bathroom tissue, we bake bread! (Not entirely sure of the correllation here, but we're going with it.) If you've never made sourdough bread before, we've got a link for you below. And...apparently people name these things. So, if you do start a sourdough ...
selective focus photography of push pin in map

Apr 14 2020

Brandon’s Birthday was Better because of Twitter

12-year old Brandon Smith got a different birthday than he expected, with the help of Twitter. Because of quarantine, Brandon couldn't celebrate his birthday as most kids want to - surrounded by friends, cake, games, and fun. So his dad took to Twitter, asking people to wish him a happy birthday and saying where they were tweeting from. Brandon, a geography buff, hand drew a map of the world and then started plotting where each ...
virtual choir on YouTube

Apr 13 2020

Easter was Hard, but Singing Helped

This was the first Easter I didn't spend with any family. Yes, I called my daughter. I talked to my parents. But it wasn't the same. Sheltering in place as a single person alone is hard. Loneliness is real. And it's never been "realer." But my church helped. They dropped off communion kits to families, making it easier to participate in online church. And we made a virtual choir, which I was honored to be ...
Penguins on the beach

Apr 7 2020

Penguin Cams

Yesterday I posted about Teddy Bears. Cute right? Well, get ready for today's pile of cuteness ... live penguins! Tourist sites are getting more creative while public places are closed. Places like museums are offering virtual tours. Zoos could post photos, but instead many are installing animal cams! Now you can watch animals in the zoo romp and play. And, my favorite, is to watch the penguins. Here are a few animal cams for ...
Teddy Bear

Apr 6 2020

Teddy Bear Walks – Helping Children through COVID

How much is that Teddy Bear in the window? It's not for sale, but it's bringing smiles to children's faces around the world. What started as a local project for school-aged children, has ballooned into a world-wide scavenger hunt. The idea is simple: put a Teddy Bear (or even a picture of one) in the window of your home. Children taking walks with their parents look for bears in windows. There's even a Facebook Group ...
Woman holding money with paper that says "Make a change"

Apr 2 2020

Giving Tuesday – in May

Giving Tuesday, an organization that has traditionally supported the idea of a day of giving on the Tuesday after American Thanksgiving, announced this week a new day to give in May. This movement is in direct response to the dearth of donations to nonprofit organizations around the world at this time in relation to COVID-19 and the uncertain economy that businesses and individuals are experiencing. The day of giving has been set for May 5, ...

Mar 29 2020

Teacher Parade

In my own home town the teachers missed their students so much that they held a parade to say hello to them...all while maintaining social distance. They used a local park. The teachers parked on the right side of the road. The parents drove students through the park. They honked their horns and waved at each other. What a great way to stay connected, spread some joy, and say a safe way, during strange ...

Mar 27 2020

More People are Acquiring Internet Skills during COVID

Socially distancing has required people to become more adept at using technologies for reaching out across the Internet. As a matter of fact, they may call it "social distancing" but in reality it's "physical distancing" as socially, people are turning to social media more and more. In addition to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, more generations and more people are learning and embracing technologies like Facetime, Facebook Video Messenger, Zoom, Skype, and more, so that they ...

Mar 26 2020

Celebrating a Birthday during COVID

Recently my friend had to cancel her mother’s 70th birthday party. Not only was it not safe to gather in large groups at this uncertain time, but her mother is also fighting breast cancer. She was so very, very disappointed. An event that would not only celebrate her, but also take her mind off of doctors and hospitals and chemo was suddenly not happening. And it was a milestone birthday, too. Many people were traveling ...
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