snow covered mountains under cloudy sky

Apr 14 2020

People in the Indian city of Jalandhar can once again see the Himalayan ranges

Some unexpected consequences of the fact that the world is at a virtual stand-still. The people of the city of Jalandhar woke up a few days ago to a sight that most thought was apocryphal, they could see mountains that they had never seen before. It's thought that the lack of movement of people and the resultant reduction in pollution has made the air cleaner and clearer. Less cars, less planes and less factories has ...
Penguins on the beach

Apr 7 2020

Penguin Cams

Yesterday I posted about Teddy Bears. Cute right? Well, get ready for today's pile of cuteness ... live penguins! Tourist sites are getting more creative while public places are closed. Places like museums are offering virtual tours. Zoos could post photos, but instead many are installing animal cams! Now you can watch animals in the zoo romp and play. And, my favorite, is to watch the penguins. https://www.today.com/news/penguin-cams-go-viral-aquariums-zoos-turn-livestreams-t176549 Here are a few animal cams for ...
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