Apr 8 2020

Man invents open-source ventilator

So this is a nice story about a retired Canadian respiratory therapist, John Strupat, who has designed a cheap alternative to the respirators which are in such short supply at present. Although he's not manufacturing the equipment the fact that it's open-source means that anyone can download the deisgn and built it themselves. Most often such equipment is costly and as the manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the current rates of demand, hard ...

Apr 1 2020

Clapping for the NHS (National Health Service)

So this news a little old, in that it happened last week, but it's so worth publishing. The National Health Service is the organisation which covers the health of all (most) of the people. It's paid for out of general taxation and is free at the point of use. It's often criticised for the amount of time that you have to wait to get procedures done, but during the recent Covid-19 outbreak, it's been a ...

Mar 28 2020

Man runs marathon in his garden to raise money for cancer research

A man in the UK has run an entire marathon in his back garden. The unusual run was done in this was as the UK is on lockdown and people are being asked not to leave their house unless it is essential. Thirty-six year old James Page had been training to complete an ultra marathon across the Sahara desert and did not want to let it all go to waste. The marathon comprised of 873 ...

Mar 26 2020

Thousands sign up to volunteer for the UK Health Service

So I thought that this was worthy of mention. Pretty much all of the people in the UK are in lockdown. They are being asked to stay in their homes as much as is reasonably possible. A notable exception (along with a few other professions) are people who work for the NHS - the National Health Service. In anticipation that the NHS will be under massive pressure in the weeks to come, the UK government ...
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