selective focus photography of push pin in map

Apr 14 2020

Brandon’s Birthday was Better because of Twitter

12-year old Brandon Smith got a different birthday than he expected, with the help of Twitter. Because of quarantine, Brandon couldn't celebrate his birthday as most kids want to - surrounded by friends, cake, games, and fun. So his dad took to Twitter, asking people to wish him a happy birthday and saying where they were tweeting from. Brandon, a geography buff, hand drew a map of the world and then started plotting where each ...

Apr 8 2020

Man invents open-source ventilator

So this is a nice story about a retired Canadian respiratory therapist, John Strupat, who has designed a cheap alternative to the respirators which are in such short supply at present. Although he's not manufacturing the equipment the fact that it's open-source means that anyone can download the deisgn and built it themselves. Most often such equipment is costly and as the manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the current rates of demand, hard ...

Mar 27 2020

More People are Acquiring Internet Skills during COVID

Socially distancing has required people to become more adept at using technologies for reaching out across the Internet. As a matter of fact, they may call it "social distancing" but in reality it's "physical distancing" as socially, people are turning to social media more and more. In addition to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, more generations and more people are learning and embracing technologies like Facetime, Facebook Video Messenger, Zoom, Skype, and more, so that they ...
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